Thursday, October 25, 2012

New mold/new sketches

Hey everyone.  Yesterday I opened the zombie mold and everything looks pretty good.  The only problems with it are that part of the right ear broke on a spot, and there were a few bubbles on the gum line. These are fairly easy repairs though.  I'm out of latex so I'll buy some later today and see about casting a mask this afternoon.  Very exciting.

In the mean time, while brainstorming for ideas, I made some rough sketches of the next project I'd like to tackle.  I used a lot of reference material from Fangoria, the art of Warcraft, and even the new 6th edition Warhammer rule book.  I'm thinking about ordering The Art of Diablo from Amazon as it could be very useful for reference.

I have never sculpted a demon before so I thought I'd give it a try.  My plan is to have the sculpture finished by tomorrow night, (Saturday afternoon at the latest) and begin the mold by Sunday morning.  My husband and I are planning to go to Monsterpalooza this weekend, so I'm not sure how all of this work is going to fit into the schedule.  Maybe if I sculpt really fast we'll have enough time for everything.

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