Thursday, March 7, 2013

Old hag in one day

This makeup was conceived, sculpted, molded, cast and applied all in one day.  Though it's definitely far from sophisticated, as a practice piece I was a little bit proud of it.  On top of my life cast I sculpted the nose and brow using Chavant NSP med. The mold edges/cutting lines were done with Kleen clay.  I ran the piece out of tinted gelatin.  Notice how thin the edges came out.  

The prosthetic was adhered using Prosaide Adhesive and the edges were blended using witch hazel. 

Finally the prosthetic was colored using Skin Illustrator alcohol activated pigments and powder finished. 

Jabba's cousin Jebby

This project was an experimentation in texture and form, testing out a new character concept.  During the brainstorming and sketching phase I took a lot of inspiration from a photograph I had of the Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt.  Much of the wrinkling around the brow and eye bags, as well as the shape of the nose are directly influenced by that design.  

I sculpted the design using Chavant NSP med.  Once complete, I molded the piece using Ultracal 30 and ran the piece out of tinted gelatin. I was very pleased with the edges I got. 

The character was a two part appliance (the chin was cut as a separate piece).  It was adhered with Prosaide Adhesive and painted with a Skin Illustrator alcohol activated color palette.   As you can see from the pictures on the bottom left, both pieces moved very naturally with my own facial expressions.

Total Recall Tony makeup

I promise this will be the last Total Recall project I take on, (at least for a while).

 One of the most notable makeup jobs in this movie (in my opinion) was the facial deformity on the mutant martian named Tony.  

 I sculpted the piece with Chavant NSP medium and made a simple Ultracal 30 mold of the finished sculpture. Then I preheated both life cast and mold before casting it in tinted gelatin.

It's always challenging to apply a makeup on yourself, but imagine doing so with only one working eye!  The appliance was adhered with Prosaide Adhesive and painted with a Skin Illustrator alcohol activated color palette. 

Planet of the Apes molds and appliances

The sculptures were molded in Ultracal 30 and preheated prior to casting.  The molds are preheated to ensure the appliance edges stay thin since molten gelatin begins to set up as it cools.  Both ape appliances were cast in tinted gelatin.  

To tint the gelatin I used red flocking powder and light creme cake makeup powder to give the skin a lifelike appearance.  It took several tries before I got the edges as thin as they were in the photo below. 

I will post more photos when I apply these makeups in April.